Plisskën plans and wishes to deliver a festival with the least amount of environmental impact as possible each year. Examining carefully every domain of the festival, we try to introduce processes and activities across key areas of the environment such as waste, energy, transport, water, awareness and education.


First and foremost we are committed to monitoring our major impacts on the environment. Every year we keep track of the waste generated during Plisskën in addition to calculating our Carbon Footprint in collaboration with Global Challenges.


Having recently been awarded, for a second consecutive time, the Commended Greener Festival Award 2014, with 2 out of 4 stars for outstanding environmental practices, we are even more interested in collaborating with our sponsors, contractors and suppliers to reduce impacts and carry out sustainable practices onsite, which the audience can participate in.


Apart from the direct benefits in ‘going green’ we hope Plisskën Festival’s focus on environmentally conscious practices will impact the industry through our sponsors, suppliers and contractors. Engaging concert-goers in activities, onsite, can also prepare the ground for changing attitudes towards the environment.


In order to achieve the above mentioned targets Plisskën has developed its own Environmental Policy, which you can view/ download here.