genre:Spanish Jamming

when:05.06.2015 | Tunnel

It was in 2011 when the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy decided to get in touch with Clip! by selecting his application among the 6000 applications they usually receive every year. You could say that from that moment, his career has done nothing but evolve until reaching a point where he has captured the majority of the country’s music press, as well as interesting international press. In terms of electronic music, it is nearly impossible to explain the movement in which Barcelona is being absorbed without mentioning the young catalan producer. It is easy to hear influences by the old Chicago house and techno packaged in a raw but modern sound, using vocals and a wide sonic palette in a very personal way, which shows his training in classical and jazz music as well as his knowledge in sound design. Clip!'s work has been released on labels such as Struments Records, Classicworks and Discomaths, and we expect releases on FINA White (techno sublabel by Leeds's FINA Records) and the first EP on "Feline", new Suara's underground sublabel. Another important point of recognition and respect towards Clip! lies on his live shows. Clip!’s live shows are hardware only, and far from the comfort provided by a laptop, playing either live rhythms with the drum machine, launching vocal loops from a sampler or live filtering while playing analog synthesisers. All wrapped up with a perfect club package and the always needed human touch. His live shows have already been showcased in different festivals such as Sónar, Mutek, Piknic Elektronic, Red Bull Music Academy Weekender, NeoPop,Artenou ... and it has made tremble the dance floors of many important and relevant clubs such as Razzmatazz, Nitsa, Ker BeCool Club (Barcelona), Sirocco (Madrid) and Music Box (Lisboa) to name a few. It is obvious that the career of this talented young producer must be followed closely as it is evolving at a vertiginous pace.