genre:Grime Pioneering

when:2.12.16 | Tunnel | 01.15

Having appeared weekly on London’s pioneering radio station Rinse FM for six years, from 2008 – 2014, Elijah & Skilliam have remained a highly visible and wholly accessible outlet for grime music for the entirety of that time and beyond. The DJ duo’s open source approach to their Butterz operation has already yielded a FABRICLIVE residency, three critically acclaimed mix CDs (Rinse: 17, FABRICLIVE 75 and Grime 2015) and a slew of other well attended national and regional club nights (JAMZCLUB) alongside major festival stage takeovers. Simply put, Elijah & Skilliam exist to represent grime music to the fullest and their extended DJ sets reflect that fact wonderfully, drawing as much from the talents of their in-house artists: Swindle, Royal-T and Flava D as they do from the music’s foundational early pioneers. The pair’s relentless hard work has managed to amass the kind of respect from grime’s originators that’s enabled them to properly harness the talents of artists like JME,  Newham Generals and P Money on records via their label and present explosive performances from emcees like Wiley, Skepta and Kano in the live arena. The fact that they’ve managed to do all that whilst still booking blossoming production talent like Wen, Kahn & Neek and Murlo says a lot about their underlying enthusiasm for the music and the kind of attention to detail that’s seen them run well over 50 parties in the last two years alone. Representing the entire spectrum of grime, Elijah & Skilliam and their Butterz imprint have, at times, gleefully shifted focus. At first shining a light on the unsung producers they expanded their operation to incorporate emcees, then a team of in house artists and now, Swindle’s impressive full live band. The label has capably grown in scope alongside their collective ambitions and with their achievements consistently opening doors to new territories and possibilities it’s no surprise that their current developments have seen them touring the US and Asia whilst they’ve been incubating club nights in Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Berlin and London.