genre:Post Punk Jazz

when:2.12.16 | Main | 00.15

Cult legends Tuxedomoon are a welcome exception in today's over-formatted musical world. Born in 1977, in the heady atmosphere of San Francisco’s post punk golden age, the band soon became a central part of New York's No Wave scene (as documented in the recent "Downtown 81" film, centered around Jean Michel Basquiat and featuring performances by Blondie, James Chance, DNA and Tuxedomoon). "No Tears", their 2nd single (1979), has remained an electro punk club classic to this day. The band went on to sign to The Residents' Ralph Records, and released two seminal albums, "Half Mute" (1980) and "Desire" (1981) which soon got them overseas exposure. Since then, they had a long and turbulent career but after almost 40 yeas in the music scene they 're one of the few acts that get better and more imaginative as time goes by. They will be presenting in full "Half Mute" at our festival along with a few classics from that era.