genre:Low End

when:2.12.16 | Tunnel | 19.30

Connecting the dots is what drives Runner. Pushing, playing & promoting the low end continuum from his 90s days in the UK all the way to today’s landscape and into the future, going back to go forward through his Subbed Out radio show and nights, the one-off block parties that pop up in the ancient city under his banner, the direct connection with Dimensions Festival and his hosting of the launch parties in Athens and the representation of the Swamp81 family in the ancient city. DJing is his natural habitat and has been for the last 15yrs+ and the 2nd half of 2016 finds him setting up a variety of significant projects with his friends that are going to be unfolded one kick at a time till the end of the year like the back to back Launch parties for Dimensions and Odyssia or his appearance behind decks in both festivals this year . Hold tight and remember there is no such thing as information overload, only filter failure