The Lab is an on-going/annual workshop organised by Plisskën Festival

Through a number of theoretical and practical seminars, The Lab participants  get the chance to learn from experts in the field all of the steps which lead to the realization of a festival. 

The Lab activities culminate in the participation of the Labsters in the festival through a variety of tasks, such as:

o    Client Service
o    Event Management
o    Hospitality
o    Press & Promo
o    Sustainability
o    Technical Production
o    Venue Management

The goal of The Lab is to create a unique educational experience for people eager to learn how live events and festivals are being held and to create a community with skills on cultural events production.


Pitchfork: "Plisskën also hosts “The Lab”, a workshop for young people interested in learning how to put on their own events. “Whether they come out of it wanting to be production managers or the next Death Grips or firemen makes little difference to us,” they told us."


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